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Review - The top event in Berlin

We kicked off our first event of the year with the title “Rooftop Event - Customer Service with Vision”, with a holistic view of Berlin. Matching to our holistic OMQ product concept which automates customer services.

On Tuesday February 19th and Wednesday February 20th, we welcomed visitors from all over Germany. The 30th floor of the Treptower was the perfect location for the event. A lovely, bright and modern room with a view all over Berlin.

OMQ rooftop presentation Tuesday

It started at 5:00 p.m. The room filled up steadily. Everyone grabbed a cold drink and found a seat. There was an official greeting from Sven Engelmann, and then a presentation by Matthias Meisdrock on the OMQ customer service software. The talks covered, among other things, the new Chatbot and the Automator which is for service automization.

The excitement continued while the sun was setting. In an interview with friendsurance, Olaf Seliger and Sven Engelmann discussed current trends in customer services, and how OMQ Contact and OMQ Help are being installed as part of the services at friendsurance. The same procedure was followed on Wednesday with Cindy Schmolling from asgoodasnew. In this interview, they talked about building services with OMQ, and the future integration of OMQ Assist with Greyhound CRM.

OMQ Interview friendsurance
OMQ Interview asgoodasnew

We will be publishing the presentations by Matthias Meisdrock and the interviews with friendsurance and asgoodasnew again in separate articles, with detailed information and a video.

After the interviews, the Beamer canvas was rolled up, and the lounge areas were available to let everyone enjoy the end of the evening together. The presentations and interviews prompted a lot of conversations, of course. As we enjoyed some snacks and drinks, we chatted with guests and partners about current topics.

We’d like to say THANK YOU!

Many thanks to all the participants, partners (smileback und Greyhound Software and to our colleagues! We can look back on two very informative evenings with exciting discussions and a fabulous view over Berlin. We were very happy to see that the participants managed to reach us on the 30th floor after a long day at the exhibition.

We are looking forward to next year!

OMQ Rooftop Ausblick
OMQ Rooftop Gäste
OMQ Rooftop
Ausblick auf Berlin OMQ Rooftop Event Treptowers
OMQ Rooftop Gäste Mittwoch
OMQ Interview friendsurance und OMQ
OMQ Rooftop Vortrag Dienstag
OMQ Rooftop Partner

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