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Friendsurance wins Customer Service ranking

In Germany every household usually has insurances as household, liability or supplementary insurances. There a many different insurance offers on the market offering various prices and services, which makes it difficult for the customers to choose an insurance. So called fintech companies are said to provide a solution. They can serve as agents to simplify all processes and make it easier for customers to overlook the market. Sadly, not all insurtech companies are transparent or offer good service.

Therefore, the DISQ (Deutsche Institut für Service-Qualität) made a thorough checkup of those digital insurtech companies. The results show, only two companies were classified as “good”. The winner is our customer Friendsurance!

Friendsurance Service

For 3 years Friendsurance is using the OMQ self service as well as the OMQ service center. So, there are able to provide excellent service to their customers throughout Germany.