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Industries: Public institution

Customer since: November 2013

Region: Europe

Employee: 26.000

ETH Zurich is one of the leading international universities for technologies and the natural sciences with well-known graduates, such as Albert Einstein.

OMQ Contact and OMQ Assist in use

ETH Zurich is one of the leading international universities for technologies and the natural sciences. Founded in 1855, ETH Zurich today has more than 18,500 students from over 110 countries, including 4,000 doctoral students. Well-known graduates are, for example, Albert Einstein and Georg Cantor. Currently, over 500 professors are teaching and carrying out research at the university.

As a university it's important that all departments are be able to act on their own responsibility in order to process solutions and projects more quickly. To achieve this goal, each instance should have to make all the knowledge available. In order that information can be accessed more quickly. ETH Zurich decided to use the intelligent knowledge database from OMQ. The OMQ Assist and OMQ Contact serve as a cross-departmental solution for the internal knowledge management of ETH Zurich.


Besides an on-site installation of the OMQ Assist and the OMQ Contact, the OTRS plug-in was installed. By means of the web-based ticket system OTRS all requests can be gathered, classified, saved and easily processed. Therefore, on the basis of different data of the request and the form interaction tickets are automatically directed to the correct location. Thereby, it doesn't matter whether the processing is performed through an internal information service or a department. The OMQ products support internal processes. Consequently, the so-called Smart Desk facilitates employees and students to answer questions and problems of the IT-services. These are, for instance, email, groupware, web services, and technical problems in lecture halls, multimedia, institutions or for the installation of important applications.

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Used products:

OMQ Contact

OMQ Help

OMQ Assist


Since 2013, every inquiry from employees and students at ETH Zurich has been automated with the help from OMQ technology. OMQ Assist evaluates the entered text and presents the following directly Solutions or tips in real time.

This speeds up the processing of support tickets in the OTRS ticket system. At the same time, students and faculty receive real-time solutions via the Smart Desk through the use of OMQ Contact

By making the intuitive OMQ Assist available to our employees, we have been able to clearly optimize our processes with consistent quality.

ETH Zurich - Mark Buschor
ID Service Delivery Manager

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