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Flixbus not only expands its route network, but also uses the latest technologies in customer service and stands out from the competition.


Industry: Transport

Customer since: October 2015

Region: Europe

Employee: 500

User: 11 millionen

The incorporation of the companies Flixbus and MeinFernbus to the largest private coach transport in Germany carries around half of all coach passengers in this country.

OMQ Contact in use

In the constantly growing coach transport industry MeinFernbus and Flixbus, the two biggest providers have merged. As the market leader, the two companies have not only the objective of providing a Europe-wide comprehensive route network at a fair price, but also constantly expand their customer service. Their customers should not only get the best customer experience while driving but also outside the drive. For that reason the latest technologies are used to reduce and edit customer requests quickly. The focus is on the company's mouthpiece, customer service. The customers should not only receive the best customer experience during the journey, but also outside. With the use of OMQ, Flixbus has the possibility to implement a central knowledge management in 32 different languages. For the implementation, the latest technologies were used to reduce customer enquiries and to to be able to edit them.


The contact form for MeinFernbus Flixbus was individually designed by OMQ. By using this form customer dialogue grows while providing an optimal customer communication. With the integration of OMQ Contact standardised requests can be automatically answered and queries reduced. The dynamic form was directly connected with the solution field. Once the customer fills this out immediately, directly related information are interrogated in real time..

Due to the peculiar constellation between MeinFernbus and Flixbus, the main knowledge base is ideal for the two different brands. The knowledge of the two companies is centrally controlled and is always at disposal. The frequently similar information is professionally displayed with the respective brand style.

Kontaktformular Flixbus

Used products:

OMQ Contact

OMQ Help

OMQ Assist


With the use of OMQ self service the amount of the incoming requests is reduced. The drop-down menu, which was specifically developed for the contact form, enables the customer to choose a standardised subject. The displayed solutions are even more specific due to the precise classification. at the same time the category selection is the basis of the automatic routing. It is assured that a sent request will appear in the correct folder of the ticket system and it can be edited as quickly as possible. The additional request for more information about dynamic forms reduces the amount of queries. This not only increases the speed and quality in the support department but also the customer satisfaction with the service offered.

Through OMQ Contact we have an intelligent contact form in use, which can help you to of our customers already at the input of your question and suggests suitable solutions. So fast was our customer service never has.

Flixbus - Jochen Heidenberger
Head Of Customer Service

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