Service in industrial companies

How can industrial companies clearer explain their products to the customer? Also, how can your employees reach internal information easier? Companies, which solve these questions don't only have a decisive competitive advantage, but also provide their employees with a more effective and clear working environment.


The greater the company, the more complex and more inscrutable the internal processes get and thus more responsibilities for your customers. They don't only have to solve ordinary problems, but also provide the customer with the correct contact or product information.It is advantageous to use a consistent system, which makes knowledge for every employee quickly and easily accessible to the different areas and departments of the company.

OMQ in use

OMQ Assist can increase the competence of every single employee of your company. Your employee asks a question to the OMQ knowledge base and receives the answer in real time.As the given answers appear as videos, pictures, texts or downloads, your company develops consistent processes and clearly simplifies the communication between your employees.

  • More efficient work
  • Standardisation
  • Optimised processes
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Integration Hörmann

As a worldwide manufacturer of doors and gates, we have established a digital customer dialogue through OMQ. Our customer requests are answered in real time.
Hörmann - Ralf Biegert,
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