Transport as service

Whether you want to buy a car, to rent a bike, or you simply want to get from A to B. In the fast-moving times we live in it couldn't go fast enough. If a problem arises, the highest priority have suitable answers at first hand.


Transport companies, which want to prove themselves and assert on the market, have to offer a special service to their customers. Customers want to get information about a service or a product at any time, place and in all circumstances. To be fast, up-to-date and reliable as a company is a basic requirement when it comes to excellent service.

OMQ in use

As a transport company you can use OMQ self service as a first contact point for customer requests. In this way 30% of the requests answer for itself – 24/7. Your customers receive as answer interactive solutions such as pictures, maps, video or web content. For this reason they don't only get clear information, but also problems can be immediately solved within a few clicks. As companies as yours have to constantly adapt to new situations, OMQ self service offers the possibility to update your service knowledge within the shortest time. The knowledge is presented through a start and end date in a time frame. In this way suitable answers can be found for a requested period or also immediately.

  • Always available
  • Multimedia content
  • Fast adaptabilitiy
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Integration DB Connect

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In addition to OMQ Contact we also use OMQ Assist. Managing questions and answers in the interface is very easy.
DB Connect - Kathrin Bergmann,
Customer Service Manager
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Free trial version

With only little effort you can reduce your service volume by half.

  • 14-day trial

  • Simple setup

  • Can be cancelled at any time