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How does artificial intelligence work in customer service?

Our clients often ask us how our language technology is able to detect questions that are formulated differently, contain errors, or combine multiple questions in one text. In order to answer these questions, we have...


OMQ Workshop Customer Centricity - Technical introduction

On 27.11.2018 OMQ successfully held the first workshop of the series “Customer Centricity” in Berlin.


Impressions from Digital Gipfel 2018

For two days, top politicians, economists, and various associations took part in discussions at the Digital Gipfel in Nuremberg. The main topic: Artificial intelligence as one of the keys to growth and prosperity.


Press Release BMWi and Sven Engelmann

Sven Engelmann, Managing Director of OMQ GmbH, has been appointed a member of the SME Advisory Board and the Liberal Professions of the 19th legislative period of the Federal Minister of Economics and Energy. Through...


OMQ Update Version Berlin - 9.0

The new product version Berlin - 9.0 was released by OMQ. Two highlights of the current version are presented in more detail. One of the highlight include the product name and the design and the...


Friendsurance wins Customer Service ranking

In Germany every household usually has insurances as household, liability or supplementary insurances. There a many different insurance offers on the market offering various prices and services, which makes it difficult for the customers to...


OMQ and Zendesk

Responding faster than everyone else!


OMQ autoresponder

Every year people are sending over 1.5 billion emails in Germany. Worldwide the number is as high as 205.6 billion (Statista). With rising tendency. Nowadays there are situations in which the customer isn’t able to...


technology relax your business

OMQ’s extensive experience in the optimisation of customer service helps primarily e-commerce companies to increase the quality of their service and to meet customer needs.